New Year Bull with the ticker NYB is an old Ethereum token that has now migrated to Binance Smart Chain.

We do no longer exist at the old Ethereum Chain.

We have farming where you can farm the native token called New Year Bull, info in this link:


New Year Bull has a supply that is 21 Million.

Most of the supply are in the farming contracts and in holders hands.

We encourage all to take part in the community and share our content.


About Us

We are a decentralized community-based project.

Our community and project is maintained by the people adding liquidity to the farming pools and community-members who make content, that be graphics or other developer jobs.


We did migration for more than a month, so people should have enough time to do the migration from the old chain.

Other Tokens

We do not support other tokens, we are New Year Bull – NYB and has nothing to do with old tokens that was made in the past.

The Future

We have a roadmap which can be viewed at the main page.